How To Undo Send In Gmail

If you are a regular user of email and services then you might have found yourself in a situation where you might have said something accidentally with you didn’t want to, or might have accidentally sent a different mail other than the intended one to the wrong person. I regularly find myself and situations like these when I am submitting school essays late or finding my project in the wrong places. This is why Google has heard all of our cries and made sure that our forgetful selves don’t make mistakes like these or even if we do we end up doing the same, having an option of undoing those mistakes with the help of an easy feature that has been put in place, in order to make sure that your messages don’t cause any unnecessary problems to you in the long run.

how to undo and send gmail

I am pretty sure that most of you would have also found your self in the same situation at some point or the other. There are many reasons why you should be having an option of unending messages over email to but one of the most important facts is that it saves you from a lot of embarrassment.


I,f you are an old school Gmail or Hotmail user then you might be aware of the fact that unsending messages are something that wasn’t a part of emailing when it was first released., as well as, is one of the first websites to introduce the feature of sending wrong messages before they are actually read by the people to whom you accidentally sent the wrong message.

After listening to the worries and complaints of millions of users email websites have successfully implemented the feature to make sure that honest mistakes don’t get punished.

These features also gave a new look to arcor mail login in its UI & Dashboard.


If you are a Gmail user then you might be in for a treat if you have accidentally sent your boss the message that you regret, or reply to all instead of just replying to that one person you wanted to text. The easy to enable a feature of Gmail allows you to take your words back and revert back all of your emails. The undo feature can be enabled anytime through the settings of your Gmail account but if you want to unsend a message then you would have to have the feature enabled before actually, you have sent the message to the receiver. in other words, you can’t send a message if you don’t have the feature enabled beforehand. Here’s how you can do the same and make sure that you don’t have to regret sending an email message anytime soon –

1. Go to the settings of your Gmail account by clicking the gear icon.
2. In the general settings of your Gmail account scroll down till you find the undo send option.
3. Enable the undo send option and select the cancellation period according to your needs which range from 5 to 30 secs.
4. Save the settings and you are good to Gmail.

Nowadays every email service, for example, all these giving undo or unsend options on email.